In 2008, Intellegere was established as a non-profit public service enterprise dedicated to science and technology research and education, including the establishment of a clearinghouse for the open exchange of technology and standards information.

In 2009, Intellegere established a consortium that includes major University and multi-national commercial enterprises to support Federal Government nanotechnology research needs via an Other Transaction Agreement (OTA) contracting mechanism.

In 2010 Intellegere was awarded a three year grant from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), to organize and host a state-of-the-art/state-of-the-practice series of Ontology Summits.

The Foundation is guided by a Board of Trustees and a Board of Advisors with a breadth and depth of experience covering business, industry, science, technology, standards, law and the environment. “Intellegere” and Intellegere Foundation” are registered trademarks of the Intellegere Foundation, Inc.